ok. what’s this category about? not sure yet.

i always ask myself what would i definitely express in English? can’t really think of anything that i must say it in English, except like “shxt”, “damn” or “oops” this kind of words, how sad.


however, this is my 9th year here in the usa, and i have to say, my English just gets worse, not better, and it is what i need to speak everyday where i’ve spent 1/3 of my life.


in behalf of my upcoming 10th year in the usa, i will try to think of something to write here in English.

(ha) 說真的 還是中文可愛!



4 thoughts on “1/3”

  1. 中文屌!
    btw : pei小姐你的blog在google收尋排第19個. (連結我存在公司 而我離職了 so..)

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