龍年賀年卡攻略 The Cheat Sheet for The the Dragon Year Greeting Card


This year, due to the amount of demand, this post will be as fancy as bilingual. lol

至於為什麼說是「攻略」呢? Why do I need to write a cheat sheet?

因為這是一個不一定能一看就明白的卡片。Because, this is much more than a simple greeting card.

拿出信封時是這樣 This is how they look like out of the envelopes –

看得出是什麼嗎? Do you recognize what they are?

其實,這就是小時候玩的「東西南北」的摺紙遊戲,看出來了嗎? 這次的設計是雙面的,一面我已經先畫好了「龍鳳吉祥」& 「恭賀新禧」,另一面則讓大家自由發揮 🙂 Yes, these are the so-called  “Paper Fortune Teller” or “Origami Fortune Teller” that everyone used to play with while as a kid.

如去年的卡片,我很怕我的卡片變成別人的負擔,不知該丟該怎麼收才好…所以一定要有附加功能… I’m always worried that people don’t know what to do with my cards, either to keep or to disregard…so I’ve been trying to make these cards with additional value. For example, you can use them as cup coasters (at least 4 variations), put them on the wall as a good luck charm or an art piece if you like it, or treat them as paper flower, or even make it a lantern.


這次最讓我流淚的,莫過於紙的厚度了。在公司收到的時候,折的前十張都失敗了…好不容易擠出幾張能看的,就趕緊寄加州組了 (所以抱歉有點醜)

回到家幸運的發現我有一支斷水斷得很絕對的pentel筆,真是救了我一命! 因為可拿來壓線。雖然好摺多了,但是第一天摺下來,姆指還是紅腫起來 XDD 因為紙厚,NG的頻率太高,壞了好多,才抓到摺時要留多少空隙才不會壞的訣竅。除此之外,這期間一直有個擣蛋鬼(請看下面的圖)…再來就是不容易摺完還得手寫,以致於每張卡片字都很少,請多多見諒啊… 前兩晚寫到3:30,第3晚星期五竟到早上5點,因為還是希望美國的朋友來得及收啊… 台灣的大家,這次因為台灣那邊大放假,加上此刻我決定先把這篇寫好,所以,看在到元宵前都算過年的份上,請多等一會兒:)

This year, the thickness & stiffness make the folding so difficult for me. Thank goodness I have a dried out pen which I can use to score the paper first (more work lol)…and of course, Conan has always being “helpful” lol

我覺得很有趣的是,不管是哪一國人都有玩過這個摺紙遊戲,但是每個人都是一樣的反應…「啊 我有玩過,可是,咦,我忘了怎麼用了」 呵呵呵…

It’s interesting that many’s first responds are , “Oh, I know what it is, but…what am I supposed to do? ”  Everyone simply forgot how this origami work.  Hope this card brings back the fun and joy from our childhood.  Happy Lunar New Year!!  Have a great great New Year of the Dragon!

希望有給大家帶來一些童趣 🙂 大家,新年快樂,龍年行大運!!!

上: 龍  下: 福 (upper row: Dragon | bottom row: Luckiness)

我的亂七八糟牆。Cards I made these years (I didn’t put up the cards for the Year of the Pig & the Mouse here) 🙂




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